About Us


The two largest industries in the world are food and energy. Today, we’re realizing that both need a radical makeover, ensuring that they employ more environmentally-friendly and sustainable processes. 

Our founder, Larry Dressler, grew up working in the agriculture world, providing vegetable oils to bakeries, restaurants and food product manufacturers. In 2010, Larry decided it was time for a change. He and his team built an innovative algae-to-energy test farm that had some success, but as energy prices declined, Larry decided to make a pivot away from renewable fuel to proteins—fuel for humans and their pets.

In 2013, Larry started Agcore Technologies, a company dedicated to growing a high protein alga that could be used in human and animal nutrition. Larry fell in love with Non-GMO Spirulina, a blue-green micro-alga that many professionals feel is the healthiest food known; but experts said it could never be grown in the New England climate. The Agcore Team took on the challenge, developing a sustainable, environmentally friendly, low energy technology and process. On top of these achievements, Agcore succeeded in creating a year-round crop, whereas other Spirulina growers located closer to the equator have to shut down during the hot summer months.

Today Agcore has three product divisions: SoulFresh Proteins (protein powders & snacks), Agcore Fish Food (aquarium and home hobby industry) and Agcore Pet Foods.

Thank you for your interest, we hope you love our products and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you.

Larry Dressler

Founder, President